Case Study

Zain Supermarket manages their increased demand

Zain supermarket manages increased demand

Pete from JR has recently joined the National Association of Shopfitters, so our latest case study below showcases what type of thing Pete can assist with when it comes to fitting our your shop.

Located in Bradford, Zain Supermarket acts primarily as a mini convenience store selling groceries along with a variety of international food products. On top of this, they act as a B2B supplier of meat, poultry and kebabs to a number of restaurants. Zain has recently been expanding his business and has been supplying to more companies and experiencing an increase in supermarket customers, meaning his existing capacity was no longer enough to manage the increased demand.

Pete, JR’s ShopFit specialist, was contacted by Zain to help finance some new freezers to hold primarily meat, but other various items that required refrigerated storage. In addition to this, to make payment processes more efficient with the increasing customer footfall, Zain decided to upgrade his chip and pin terminals along with implementing touch-screen tills for a more seamless payment process for customers.

Zain was very thankful for work that Pete did for his business where he said “with the installation of the EPOS systems and more space for refrigerated products, it has allowed our shop to cope with increased demand from both our supermarket customers and other businesses”

Zain manages their increased demand

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