Case Study

Women Mean Business: Look and Feel Fit – South West’s first Eco-Powered Fitness Studio

From fashion brand to fitness studio, it’s all going on for Ellie Crawley, and even better, it’s all sustainable and eco-powered, meaning it’s as good for people as it is for the environment.

She’s taking her brand, Feel Fit, which makes gym & leisure wear in an eco-conscious way, and taking it one step further. Determined to help people feel and look fit, by improving their mental and physical health.

That gave Ellie the idea for a fitness studio, having already qualified as a personal trainer and nutrition coach, and having extensive experience in the industry, it was now time to take the next step.

In order to stay true to the her brand, Ellie decided to use the latest in ECO-POWR ™ G516 Indoor Cycles to power and energise the space, provided by SA Green Fitness and Johnson Reed Fitness Finance. The cycles convert and capture energy created during a workout, with 74% of the electricity generated instantly used to power the space, therefore lowering the number of watts needed from the utility company and reducing carbon footprint.!

“I want to help people reach their full potential, to feel the strongest, most confident version of themselves, in a sustainable way that suits their lifestyle. I highly recommend JR, they are patient, informative and extremely supportive. I am excited to be working with them and will continue to do so!”

Ellie Crawley, Feel Fit


“It’s so great to see what Ellie has done with her brand, sticking to the values that define it, and we were so excited to be a part of it. We’re glad we could be a part of the South West’s first eco-powered fitness studio.”

Mark Johnson, Johnson Reed

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