Case Study

Women Mean Business: Helping women get ‘StrongHer’

What better way to celebrate International Women’s Day than by celebrating strong, female business owners and directors?

We’re exploring and celebrating the women in business who mean business, starting with the women that we at Johnson Reed have worked with to become part of their journey.

No-one fits that description better than Sam Prynn, director, along with her co-founder, Tig, of StrongHer women, a London-based strictly women only strength training space, offering a safe, inclusive, diverse environment for women wanting to get fitter, stronger and improve their overall health.


It started when co-founders and best friends Sam and Tig agreed they had both felt unaccepted and unconfident in some stages of their lives. So together, over a glass of prosecco, they decided to be the ones to create the answer for every single woman so that regardless of who, where or what size, shape or colour; every woman could find that confidence that they could see.

Their mission is to build every single woman’s confidence on the inside and out. Through their strong, inclusive community of women, coming from different backgrounds, cultures and lifestyles, empowering each other, they, along with their inspirational and very real coaches show women how to take back control of their own fitness, nutrition and well-being.

That began the journey for Sam and TIg, they have created the ‘STRONGHERD’, giving confidence to every single woman that steps through their doors, offering support in the best and worst times, to create friendships and relationships in a space like no other.

StrongHer Space is also London’s first strictly women only, strength & conditioning facility, describing themselves as ‘fitness where every woman ‘fits in’‘.

When Sam outlined their business needs to us, looking to expand by investing in some new kit to grow and improve the space, we were more than happy to help, and seeing the great things they do to empower women make it even more rewarding for us. We love working with business owners that have a clear vision and business brain, as well as humanity and a desire to make a positive change.


“Sam is a great example of a woman who means business. We love what they’re doing at StrongHer and as soon as they told us their story we wanted to help them invest and improve their business to enable them to continue offering a high quality and personal service to their customers.”

Mark Johnson, Johnson Reed


“Johnson Reed really helped us with funding the opening of our first space. Opening isn’t easy in any capacity, let alone in the middle of a pandemic but JR made it a lot easier.”

StrongHer is a strictly women only fitness community which educates, empowers and enriches women of all backgrounds, diversities and socio-demographic backgrounds, to take back control of their own fitness, nutrition and well-being.”

Sam Prynn, StrongHer