Case Study

UBX Sensation spreads to Bath

Unique boxing business UBX continues to spread across the UK. This time, boxing off the south-west with their specialist mix of boxing and strength training in the new lambent location in Bath.

Last week was the grand opening of UBX’s third UK store and motivation swept the city of Bath, with passer-by’s engrossed with UBX’s fun, flexible and addictive approach to training. UBX’s opening excited the fitness fanatics in the area who had the opportunity to train using UBX’s training methodology.

Following the success of the Media City and Sheffield sites, Lawrence got in contact with JR, aiming to secure the best quality fitness equipment in the industry. In order to keep cash in the business, Lawrence just leased it, meaning UBX can continue to grow with three more sites aiming to open in across the UK and Ireland by the end of September. Lawrence got the best kit available with tax benefits, allowing him plan his budget easily. UBX had the funds available, but the benefits they were able to access using our business finance options meant it was an easy decision to make – just lease it. Lawrence’s thought process was clear when deciding upon his finance options, “As fit out costs increased, I decided to save some capital back and use leasing so that I had a buffer for cash flow. Leasing seemed to be the most efficient way to do this.”
Empowered Brands is an investment and franchise operator, working exclusively within the fitness, health and wellness sector. It helps brands upscale and increase quickly with its investments. Its flagship brand, Énergie Fitness is one of the fastest growing companies within the UK fitness industry, now having more than 80 gyms and 115,000 members.

Empowered Brands, a master franchise partner has rolled out a £50m mega deal with UBX, aiming to open 250 UBX sites across the UK over the next 5 years. Empowered Brands is an introducer that JR has worked with for over 3 years, Johnson Reed are a trusted and preferred supplier of the Empowered, Énergie and UBX brand. Empowered Brand trusts JR to look after their franchisees which are the lifeblood of Empowered Brands. “Not having dealt with lease finance in previous businesses, I chose JR based on the knowledge they had in this sector along with the recommendation from Empowered Brands. It would be in Empowered Brands interest to only recommend trust worthy companies that had a quick turn around on approval.”

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