Case Study

Square One ‘pin’ cash flow issues

Square one 'pin' cash flow issues

Square One Wrestling is a popular wrestling promotion company based in the United Kingdom that has been producing high-quality professional wrestling shows since 2015. To maintain their high standards and keep their wrestlers and members in top shape, they needed to invest in new gym equipment after a location move to a bigger premises. However, the cost of purchasing new equipment was proving to be a significant challenge.

That’s when Square One Wrestling came to us where we worked closely with Justin, director of Square One Wrestling, to understand their needs and financial situation, and proposed a tailored finance solution to fund the purchase of the new gym equipment.

The lease agreement allowed Square One Wrestling to purchase the gym equipment they needed without the need for a large upfront payment. Instead, they were able to spread the cost over a period of time, making the investment much more manageable for their budget.

The finance solution provided was not only affordable, but it was also flexible. Square One Wrestling were able to choose the repayment terms that worked best for them, with options ranging from one to five years. This allowed them to choose a repayment schedule that aligned with their expected cash flow and budget, ensuring that the investment in the gym equipment did not impact their day-to-day operations.

Square One Wrestling were able to then invest in the new gym equipment they needed to keep their wrestlers and gym members in top shape. The finance solution not only provided them with the funds they needed, but it also enabled them to maintain their cash flow and budget, ensuring that they could continue to run their business without any interruption.

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