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Six Nations Champion opens elite training environment with JR’s finance

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Six Nations Champions opens elite training environment with JR’s finance

Six Nations Champion opens elite training environment with JR’s finance. No.6 Performance has been unlocking the performance potential of all of its members since opening its doors in mid-September. We took a trip North-East, to visit the elite training facility and community which Six Nations Champion, Mark Wilson has curated.

Their launch day and free taster sessions were filled instantaneously and a new found community spirit has been sparked across Ryton. The No.6 Team developed specialist programmes which challenged potential new members as well as embedded their pillars of passion, positivity and progression.

No.6 Performance is a small group personalised training gym offering an elite training facility with a team environment and a real sense of community. With their varied professional performance packages, there is a range of session types to suit personalised fitness goals.

The innovative, specially designed kit was supplied and installed by Blk Box, who have cemented their reputation as the leading manufacturer for training equipment engineered for performance. The process was easy for Mark at No.6, who said “Once I got in touch with Blk Box and Johnson Reed it was a really smooth process, it was all put into one, simple to understand package. I didn’t have to do too much and it meant I could focus on other important things surrounding the business”.

Mark just leased it, securing the elite and professional quality equipment to kick-start No.6 Performance and attracting members from the get-go. JR’s fluid finance allowed Mark to keep his cash in the bank over the busy school holiday period and lifted a lot of the stress off his shoulders. Cash is king for every business, especially at the beginning of a business journey.

We understood Mark’s business journey was just beginning, and our fitness finance guru, Antony used his experience and imagination to ensure Mark made the right investments with kit and equipment.

Discover how we can help you invest effectively with our fluid finance options, keep your cash reserves and let JR help!