Case Study

Poco Strikes Leeds Again!

Following the success of their Kirkstall and Headingly stalls, the Poco sensation keeps spreading in Leeds. This time, in the heart of the city.

Friday was the grand opening of Poco’s third store and the excitement rippled through the city, with queues stretching over 50 metres. Poco’s team certainly blessed the foodies in the area, giving away their Poco’s favourites on the house!

Poco is already known locally as a little lunchtime heaven, with a menu that changes daily from Sicilian chefs! From a huge selection of pizza slices, focaccine sandwiches, lasagne, arancini, as well as, Italian donuts, cannoli and marzipan shapes for dessert. Poco announced the location of the third store on Lands Lane which went down a treat.

The new location is “the smallest Poco so far, but in a location you will love”, the small but mighty store has already drawn in crowds stretching down the lane when the doors opened, and customers were met with a warm smile and yet another beautiful eatery.

Elvi got in contact with JR as they wanted to secure the best equipment to kit out her brand new street food store. Elvi just leased it, allowing her business to grow and reach extraordinary heights. Keeping cash flow in the business, this meant Elvi was able to afford the best quality equipment with 100% tax deductibility! It wasn’t a case of not having the funds available, it was more the benefits they would access by using business finance options.

If your business are looking to buy some new equipment or make an investment, before you dip into your own pocket, let’s look through some options that may be of interest!