Case Study

Partner Focus: Innerva


At Innerva, their business mission is to support older adults and those with long term health conditions remain physically active as they age with their unique range of 12 power assisted exercise machines, all of which simultaneously work a number of muscle groups. Currently operating in 130 sites worldwide, the power assisted technology supports end users to complete a full body workout in as little as 40 minutes, helping them to maintain aerobic fitness, strength, flexibility and balance. Not only catering for just older adults, Innerva’s technology is ideal for younger audiences especially those who feel intimidated by a traditional gym environment or those who need a more supportive introduction into fitness and exercise.


Research backed technology

Innerva have a strong history in research and development, which was recognised last month when alongside academic partners they were awarded £1.1 million as part of the UKRI’s Healthy Ageing Challenge, which will see Innerva work with researchers to explore the challenges older adults face in accessing physical activity and how public sector leisure providers can successfully engage with this market.

Innerva have long standing partnerships with both Sheffield Hallam University and the AWRC (Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre) based at the university. A recent study on the five elements of healthy ageing, showed an immediate beneficial physical response to using their power assisted equipment. Some machines provided a metabolic equivalent of 8-9 METS, which is the equivalent of playing a game of tennis. With the average age of Innerva users being 67, the study certainly demonstrated that the equipment allows those of an older age to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a good level of physical health.


Social benefits of the equipment

Partner focus InnervaThe ideal set up of the equipment is to place all machines in a circuit facing each other around the perimeter of a room, a separate location or space to the main gym providing users with a more intimate and safe environment. This type of set up allows users to interact and chat, creating a sense of community, supporting a hugely important fifth element of healthy ageing; social wellbeing. 50% of Innerva users actually say that the best thing about their regular visits to an Innerva suite is the social aspect of their visit, with most users attending 3 or more times a week. It certainly supports a reduction in social isolation which many older people may suffer from, especially after the Covid pandemic.


Improving membership numbers

Statistics from the ukactive Moving Communities Report in 2019 showed that around 37% of the UK population is 55+. One site that installed Innerva equipment into their leisure centre reported that before the addition of the Innerva suite, their 55+ membership base was approximately 23%. Following their investment and installation of the equipment circuit they saw their 55+ membership base rise to 27.5%, showing that the Innerva circuit can support a leisure club attract an untapped market to their facility. Furthermore, they saw growth in their under 55 membership base, with an increase of 4%.


How does Innerva benefit your business?

Evidently, there are numerous benefits to users of the equipment in terms of maintaining a physically healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, Innerva offer a ‘helping hand’ not only to users, but the sites that use their kit:

  • A unique solution to attract the loyal older exerciser, an untapped market with little or no competition which helps protect against budget or boutique club competition for younger membership
  • Supports community health and provides social value locally, and is an accessible solution for those with long term heath conditions
  • Provides an opportunity to tap into those who currently do not exercise a traditional gym environment, thereby providing new revenue streams
  • A partnered approach with ongoing support and marketing assistance for Innerva operators
  • In-depth training for all staff on how to use the equipment
  • Support with best practise for installing and promoting use of the equipment to the niche markets (price sets, bookings and room layout)


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