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onePT introduce ‘shocking’ new technology!

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OnePT introduce 'shocking' new technology!

onePT gym, Rochdale, offers a unique business model in the fitness industry circulating around personal training. The gym won the UK Active “National club/centre of the year in 2021 as well as in 2019” showing just how well regarded the site is.

Their 250 members are offered a monthly inclusive personal training (PT) session from their assigned trainer in order to further enhance their ability to reach their fitness goals, whilst also having the opportunity to book more if they wish. With a mixture of zero hours, full-time and self-employed staff all operating at the gym, the underlying ethos that co-founder Dr Neil Fell PhD wants to implement is team spirit and everyone working for one another, rather than just for their own personal gain.

Neil took the decision to install the Miha Bodytec electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) training system into the gym in order to provide added value to members, on top of an existing onePT Kitchen / smoothie bar and meal prep service that can be utilised by members for additional costs.

Knowing EMS training so well through his own PhD research studies, Neil saw this as the perfect service for onePT as it matches the personal training focus that the gym centres on, as each EMS training session is overseen by a qualified trainer. The success of a two-week trial of the kit in 2022 was the deciding factor for Neil to now offer the service indefinitely, where he currently has over 20 clients made up of both existing members and new customers using the kit frequently.

I had the chance to take part in an EMS session which was overseen by Neil, and I really enjoyed it. The suit itself gives a very unique sensation on the body, like an intense vibrating feeling where the padding is located. I did a number of movements and stances catering to a full body workout, nothing too strenuous physically, but the workout itself left me feeling like I had done an hour in the gym after just a 12-minute session! My glutes were on fire! I would highly recommend this service to people who really struggle to make time consistently for the gym as it only requires a single session a week and does push your muscles and body to a high level of intensity.

After speaking with Neil, he told me that even with limited advertising he has still been pleasantly surprised with the amount of people that have taken to the system and have booked blocks of 12 sessions.

EMS is still relatively new to the UK despite the fact it has been frequently highlighted as one of the Top Ten Fitness Trends in 2022. The expectation is that once Neil can properly showcase the benefits of EMS training through evidence-based research and client testimonials within their marketing, then the amount of clients will rise even further as the benefits of the kit become clearer.

In addition, onePT are now offering corporations a free body composition assessment and trial on the EMS system. The body composition offers valuable information on variables such as:

  • Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) – Tells a person the minimum number of calories a person should eat in a day
  • Metabolic age – How the BMR compares to chronological age
  • Sarcopenia Index – Evaluates the loss of muscle tissue that comes with age especially with sedentary lifestyles, which in turn impacts significantly on our health & wellbeing

EMS training is an extremely efficient way of helping to build and maintain muscle mass, whilst simultaneously boosting a person’s metabolism and making it a better fat burner, even when the body is in a resting state.

If you are interested in visiting, or being visited by the onePT team for your team’s free trial on the EMS system, along with the body composition assessment please visit the onePT website to make an enquiry.

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OnePT introduce 'shocking' new technology!