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North Studio ‘exercise’ finance options

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Studio north exercise finance options

We recently worked with North Studio in Leeds. They are more than just your standard gym with a type of nightclub feel with dimly lit lighting matched with bright neon beams across the site. They offer a wide range of classes based around three goals: Rebuild, cycle and recharge.

Rebuild is all about strength training. A mixture of cardiovascular and bodyweight workouts take place in these rooms building lean muscle and burning calories. Cycle does what it says on the tin. Home to daily spin classes designed through resistance and speed work. Recharge centres on a tranquil space where the focus is all about mind-body workouts.

Further to this, North studio offer their refuel kitchen with a range of smoothies, juices and shakes on offer to members for an additional cost.

Lauren, director of North Studio, came to JR with the hope of securing a lease agreement for some gym kit for the Leeds site. The fact that the new gym equipment would pay for itself, whilst also being 100% tax deductible made the decision pretty straightforward for a prospering gym like North Studio.

If you live in the Leeds area and do fancy a change from a generic franchise gym, definitely consider North Studio as your new gym.

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Studio North exercise finance options