Case Study

Mr Duck save on their energy ‘bills’

mr duck save on energy bills

Found in Greenford, London, Mr Duck is a food importer and manufacturer of, you guessed it, duck-based products. They supply their produce in a wide variety of channels, working with some renowned institutes. These channels include: butchers, delis, Michelin Star restaurants, hotels, wholesalers and also privately through their website. Mr Duck also provide recipes based on meals centred around, you’ll never guess, duck-based ingredients, so customers can properly utilise the products they purchase.

As everyone is aware, rising energy bills are providing an issue for many businesses and Mr Duck was no different. To combat this, they decided to invest in a walk-in chiller and freezer. Whilst this would enable them to store a larger amount of produce, it would also make their business more energy efficient and in total would save Mr Duck £18,000 on energy bills.

Thomas from Mr Duck was recommended from a previous client of JR’s as he wanted to enquire about a leasing agreement for the new storage. He was keen to look for alternatives that would be easier on his cash flow, as with the current climate being tough on businesses, he wanted to assess all options. The broker of the deal, Antony Rowland, was happy to talk to Thomas about the benefits of leasing, and how it is a finance option that would be highly recommended for all businesses wanting to keep extra cash within.


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