Case Study

Hartburn Fish Bar acquire new range

Hartburn fish bar acquire new range

Recently, we worked with a fish bar located in Stockton-On-Tees to upgrade services for their customers. Contrary to the name, ‘Hartburn’ Fish Bar’s food won’t leave you with indigestion and is of high quality with a range of takeaway classics being offered through delivery and collection including fish and chips, kebabs and fried chicken.

Owned by Robert and Susan, Hartburn fish bar has been established for over 25 years now and after seeing a spike demand have now looked into improving their efficiency by upgrading their frying range to provide better quality food, quicker.

Due to the current climate of the market, Robert and Susan knew it was important to keep cash within their business so they approached JR to explore the possibility of financing their new equipment with leasing. The agreement was reached and with the installation of their new frying range confirmed, Robert and Susan will now be able to use new business to pay for their upgrades… the way it should be!

If you are ever in the area, make sure to check out Hartburn fish bar, you can visit their website here!


Hartburn fish bar acquire new range