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‘Green flags’ on refinance agreement for Team Karting!

'Green flags' on refinance agreement for Team Karting!

Team Karting, based in Rochdale, is home to a 500+ meter-long tarmac racetrack where a host of racing events take place, mainly focusing around team building days and kids birthday parties. They also offer options for larger groups of people, giving them the chance to take part in their own Grand Prix, where racers will compete in a variety of heats and qualifiers in order to discover who takes pole positon and who is captain slow!

Team Karting is not just a racetrack, in fact, they are also responsible for a kart racing team called X-Kart. Founded by Team Karting owner Matty, they support drivers on race days with notable events attended including: CKC, Ultimate karting championship, Wilton Mill and Pohton Park. If you aren’t too familiar with kart racing, these are some well-established tracks in the scene and are some of the most prestigious events that a team can attend. To find out more about X-Kart and their upcoming meets, you can visit their website here.

Matty had acquired 16 rental karts back in January, but had asked JR about a potential refinance agreement. Refinancing the karts would give Matty some cash flow relief, which would be extremely beneficial in a time where there is so much uncertainty amongst businesses. JR were successful in securing the refinance agreement for Team Karting which has enabled them to free up more cash in the business.

Premiering next year on Amazon Prime is a TV show called Driven Dreams, where a camera crew followed young drivers over the course of the 2022 season, as they competed in the national Junior Kart Championship. Make sure to keep an eye out for it when it is released to see X-Kart in action!

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'Green flags' on refinance agreement for Team Karting!