Case Study

eActiv up and running with equipment finance for second health club

eActiv, the brainchild of successful Operator Steve Watts, who after successfully renovating and turning an old, outdated gym in Egham, Surrey into a modern, welcoming and hugely popular health lounge promoting an effective, fun and intelligent way to get results, wanted to improve and expand, by doing the same again and opening another lounge in Wokingham, Berkshire.

With over 250 members at the Egham branch, and 450 members waiting to get through the door at the new site, the business was keen to have the best gym kit, machines and equipment for their customers.

Having worked with countless gyms, health clubs and leisure centres to expand into new sites, this is where we got involved. Helping businesses grow is second nature to us, and this was no different. SME businesses face various decisions and obstacles when opening a new site.

Getting the right kit at the right price, as well as securing a good location whilst managing cash flow can be a big challenge, especially whilst balancing this with an existing gym too. Securing finance for kit, whether brand new or used, can be difficult, which is why we support businesses at each step of the process to ensure they get the best deal every time.

The directors of eActiv Ltd (Egham) approached our team needing finance for the new equipment for Healthy Women (Wokingham) Ltd, the eActiv health lounge in Wokingham, which opened its doors at its brand new premises at the end of July. In order to maintain a positive cash flow and keep the books balanced, eActiv (Wokingham) wanted to finance their equipment, rather than parting with large sums of cash, a smart move for small businesses.

However, key issues that Mr Burnett encountered were finding the right finance deal, and finding a business that would provide finance for Quirky Kit, otherwise known as pre-owned equipment.

“What was great about Mark and Johnson Reed, was not only the attention to detail and their customer service, but the fact that they can provide and source finance for pre-owned kit. Usually people don’t like second-hand equipment, which can make it a challenge. But this equipment is top of the range, being only a few months old, provided by eGym with warranties to match. Mark couldn’t be more helpful, emphasising the benefits of financing the kit for our brand new health lounge.”

Clive Burnett, Director, eActiv Health Lounge

“We were delighted that Clive and eActiv chose our common-sense lending, a great business that is hugely popular with its members. There are multiple benefits in financing gym equipment, whether it’s brand new or pre-owned, we’ll help finance it when others won’t, and that’s what makes us stand out.”

Mark Johnson, Managing Director, Johnson Reed

eActiv required a full range of equipment to match the standard of their Egham health lounge. With state-of-the-art eGym equipment and an isopod flotation tank, with our help they have launched with great success and on schedule. By using our common-sense approach, fully supporting them from start to finish, advising on the benefits of finance, eActiv can now operate to its full potential and provide the club’s members with the best facilities.

We love helping businesses start, expand or grow through supporting them on their finance journey. Whether it’s asset finance, leasing or Quirky Kit, we can help you secure equipment or fit out your premises to improve your business, whilst also giving you the full benefits of choosing this option. If you are a gym, health club or leisure centre owner, as well as businesses in other sectors, get in touch with our team to find out how we can secure your equipment finance.

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