Case Study

Another great ‘Catch’ for Johnson Reed

Fish isn’t the only thing being caught at the Clopton Catch. It’s fair to say it’s catchin g the attention of the locals too. With trade sky high it seems they have a great chance of landing more business in the coming months.

Formerly a new start that others passed on, Johnson Reed saw the potential and ideas Andrew Calleja, owner, had for the place and instantly wanted to help secure their latest equipment to help them grow.

Aside from the amazing fish and chips, the range of beverages and the service, the decor and atmosphere all contribute to making it a truly special addition to the offering in Stratford-upon-Avon.

Owner, Andrew wanted to expand by adding and upgrading their equipment to ensure they could continue to provide a high quality service and product to their customers. We couldn’t wait to make it happen, and the results have been phenomenal.

“Mark and his team helped us massively in expanding and upgrading our equipment. They were supportive and attentive throughout, making it easy, clear and simple. Thanks again, Johnson Reed.”

Andrew Calleja, Clopton Catch

“This may be the nicest looking chippy in the UK, the level of detail is amazing. We love to see clients’ plans come off, and being a part of it when others turned them away is even more satisfying, we love helping and supporting businesses.”

Mark Johnson, Johnson Reed

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