Glazing Machinery Finance

When it comes to providing finance to specialist sectors like the Fenestration sector, you can’t put a value on finding a company that understands your business and its needs.

That’s why here at Johnson Reed, you only deal with people who understand your sector.

We can offer a finance, leasing or hire purchase package ideal for your business, on much better terms than you’ll be offered by more traditional source of finances (e.g. your own bank).

If you are looking to invest in new equipment, then leasing is a fantastic option. Payments are fixed, over a fixed-period, meaning no nasty surprises. At the end of the term you own the equipment, or extend your contract to pay for new equipment. Best of all, as leasing is classed as operational expenditure, you can offset it 100% against your tax bill!

We not only support glazing installers, but we also work with manufacturers and suppliers to the industry. If you are looking to expand your business and need new or second-hand equipment, Johnson Reed can help.

Business leasing and hire purchase can be used for the widest variety of glazing machinery finance, including:

  • New and used machinery
  • Manufacture & Processing
  • Cutting
  • Mobile handling
  • Blasting
  • Cutting & drilling
  • Technology hardware including software
  • Office refurbishments, and much more

If you’re looking for a little help with cash flow, to free up the capital in your existing equipment, or benefit from an immediate cash injection, you can re-finance your existing equipment with a sale and lease back facility.

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