Fitness Equipment Leasing

Do you want your gym or fitness centre to have modern and high-quality equipment to attract and retain your members? We know that retaining and growing your number of members is one of the biggest challenges that you face.

You might think that brand new equipment is costly, but it doesn’t have to be! Equipment leasing from Johnson Reed is a fantastic way of getting finance for brand new equipment on terms which are far more favourable to traditional bank lending.

Whether you are an established gym or leisure facility, a new starter, or a personal trainer, we can help provide the gym equipment you need. Incredibly flexible, we finance everything from a single treadmill to a whole room of bikes. Technology is ever-evolving in the gym and fitness industry. Keep ahead of the competition by leasing the very latest equipment.

We tend to finance equipment between £5,000 – £100,000 but we also support nationwide chains where each location might require £1,000,000 of investment.


Is poor gym equipment limiting your business potential?

There’s more than one sort of weight to bear as a gym owner. Maintenance or fit-out costs, scheduling, training new staff members… There’s a lot to think about. We can comfortably place gym equipment in there too – it’s among the main reasons why clients get a...

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Case studies

Pumped up finance with Kiss Fitness Centre

Chris and his brother Steven had dreams of their own standard-bearing fitness centre for many years. Fulfilling them, though, took commitment and courage – something that Johnson Reed also gave to their funding model. The brothers always had a keen interest in...

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