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Case Study: Johnson Reed chips in with fryer finance for Chris’ Fish Bar

How about this for a review of Chris’s Fish Bar in Stafford? It’s from Big Red “Regular winner of Stafford’s best chippy and it’s plainly obvious why… generous portions of very high quality fish and chips… just got home with haddock and chips, £4.30 the fish, £1.40 the chips and the fish was hanging over each end of my largest dinner plate.”

It’s not surprising that the quality is good because the owners have been at it for 36 years, so they know how to serve up the best fish dinner. Now the owner’s son is setting up a second shop, and he has financed a new frying range to the value of £39,000, together with chippers and peelers for another £5,000. Through Johnson Reed’s Fish Bar equipment leasing of course.

To keep up their reputation, they wanted the best equipment available. Preston & Thomas in Cardiff were called upon to supply tailor-made frying ranges that, as they say, are crucial for quality, value and reliability.

Because of the length of time this chippy has been trading, the underwriting was very simple. The new shop is perfectly located on a main road with parking, so father and son are confident of at least another 36 years in the business.

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