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Growth plans for 2019? Fast-track them with finance

The advent of a new year can be a great time to take another look at your growth ambitions. Whatever business you lead, it may be due a larger office, more staff, software investments or expanded services. All of that is doable with a common-sense loan or lease. And you don’t have to wait to make it happen…

Instead of pursuing growth in February, March or April, start now. Build a plan. Find the right support. There’s no reason to hold off for a few months – and there are actually many advantages to getting ahead. With alternative finance, you can achieve growth so much faster than you realise.

Amplify the possible

What are you dreaming of? Where does the extent of your ambition run to? We want to hear about it. Mainstream lenders are notoriously difficult for quirky or creative finance approval. Even the basic requests – such as plugging a cash flow gap whilst you invest in the brand – are regularly turned down. Alternative finance is much more assured when you’re keen to find growth resources.

At Johnson Reed, we’re far kinder to your credit rating. Our lenders don’t discriminate against young or alternative companies. You’re able to amplify what you do now, or move into a new area of business. Anything’s possible. So make 2019 land with a bang; consider the amount of cash you’re looking for, and don’t be afraid of the number you come up with.

Gain lightning-fast approval

When most companies are resting on their laurels throughout January, you’ll be one move ahead. There’s a lot to be said for planning your growth before the competition. With the research you’ll undertake – both in terms of other brands and what your market wants – it helps to be quick on the draw.

Again, we can step in. Johnson Reed’s lending network is used to rapid approvals – sometimes in a matter of days. We’ve been involved in plenty of case studies that met their lending target in 48 hours or less.

Consult with us to find the answer

All of this being said, you may only have a vague notion of what growth will look like in 2019. The drive to succeed is there. But precise knowledge of what you can afford to borrow, or how it’ll affect the business, could be less definite.

Real-world lending experience has given us plenty of pointers for your strategy. From tax-saving advantages to leased equipment, insurance and payment timescales, there’s a lot to talk about. The more we’re able to map out your growth blueprint, the finer we can tune your loan requests to things that really leave an impact, and make it bear fruit.

What does 2019 hold for you? Speak to the team about specialist leasing or loans. It could be the best gift to your business in the new year.

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