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Amplifying the (im)possible: the most unusual assets we’ve helped finance

Common-sense lending doesn’t have to encompass only those everyday assets. In fact, it can often do the opposite: giving our clients the license to get something they’ve spent a lot of creative energy on. Everyone has a few strange dreams for their business, but they may not always fulfil them with mainstream lenders. Which is where we present the alternative…

Lending requests can be a playground of thought and ambition. To demonstrate, we’ve thought back on some of the strangest assets we’ve helped finance in the last 15 years or so. Hopefully, they’ll show you what’s truly possible with Johnson Reed.

A truck-mounted crash cushion

We were once approached by a fleet manager who needed to protect his drivers from someone crashing into them on the job. The solution?  An ‘impact attenuator’, which is basically a cushion on the rear of the vehicle.

For trucks, these can be fairly expensive – and costs can soon rack up with a large fleet. However, we guided the client to a lender who financed as many as he needed, with the knock-on effect of lower insurance costs for both driver and truck.

AR/VR technology

Augmented and virtual reality is growing in social influence. We recently financed an exciting VR project for a partnership between a marketing agency and red-brick university.

As you can imagine, development costs can be sky-high. Universities in particular have to be careful with their investable budget. But thanks to us, the venture is going ahead – we’re expecting great things when the tech is eventually commercialised.

An antique double bass

Yes, you read that correctly; Johnson Reed have lent a hand to a musician’s career! This player is world-renowned. Yet margins are tight on tours… He was struggling to afford a double bass that would give his shows that extra tonal weight. Alternative finance hadn’t occurred to him – like many people – until he found out what we could do.

Leading fibre optics

Before the mass roll-out of fibre connections, we assisted a trading house in syncing up two of its sites. Back then, this was a radical investment – such communication wasn’t yet tested en masse for UK business, which left typical lenders unwilling to fund it.

Our team, on the other hand, proved their forward-thinking attitude and sourced a total investment package. It covered their civil works, end-point hardware and the fibre optics themselves.

A swim timing system

Some of the best aquatic centres host competitions between their members and other clubs. We spoke to one of them a while ago, in anticipation of their modern system installation which would record times and comply with swim rules. This beats a stopwatch hands down. Needless to say, the club’s races got off to a fabulous start, leading to a higher profile.

We’ve also written a case study in which a rum bar sought funding for, among other things, some very creative seating – several hollowed caravans that became their very own indoor booths. All of these examples are just a snippet of our daily work helping businesses amplify the possible through quirky kit finance.

Johnson Reed’s no-nonsense financing is here for any wild idea, providing tax breaks and rapid approval when you need it. Speak to the team for more information; go on, try and surprise us…

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