We sat down with Johnson Reed’s Managing Director Mark Johnson to ask him about the goings-on within Johnson Reed, how they can help their clients, and why equipment leasing is the best option for a business to secure finance.

What sort of financing do you specialise in?

We are equipment leasing specialists, we deal primarily with sourcing funding for equipment and asset procurement. Equipment leasing is designed to provide businesses fixed term finance with fixed repayments and offer maximum tax relief (90% of the times top 100 companies use leasing).

We also have experience working with Franchises. Our experience in this sector is second to none and has enabled us to help many different sectors including – but not exclusively – in the fast food, retail and catering sector. Clients we have helped start in business include: Costa Coffees, Cash Generators, Bargin-Booze, TaxAssist Accountants, Cartridge World and Drain Doctor.

What types of companies do you work with?

We work with all sorts of companies – from transportation providers, media companies, catering, chip shops, construction companies, mechanics, IT companies, drainage companies, medical organisations, professional bodies, public sector organisations (such as educational institutions, healthcare, etc.), restaurants, salons, soft play centres, and more!

In fact it’s safer to ask which types of companies won’t we work with, and that list is not large. We feel there is a solution for most problems, which is why we have a reputation for being able to help almost any company with their equipment leasing needs.

Why would a company typically come to you?

Our team of equipment leasing specialists appreciate each and every business is individual. This drives our acceptance ratios to the highest levels and ensures we can report back to you with finance acceptances within 2 hours in many cases.

We only allocate one account manager to help you through the process from start to finish, you wont be talking to a different computer every time you call us!

Why is equipment leasing a good route for businesses seeking finance?

We offer all forms of finance but we believe the greatest benefits in most situations is offered by leasing. equipment leasing allows you to increase your profitability while reserving working capital, it aids cash flow by letting you have the equipment today without affecting the company’s cash reserves. We offer “pay-as-you-use” contracts, where you pay for the equipment as it’s used and spread the cost through its working life, perhaps over three to five years. Rental equipment is fully tax deductable too, benefiting businesses. There are so many more benefits to equipment leasing, which can be found on our website.

How has the economy affected a business’ ability to secure financing?

In these unsure economic times many businesses are unable to secure financing. Whether it’s for new equipment, or expansion, it’s proving difficult to secure financing through traditional means, namely banks. That’s where we come in. We provide financing for projects and businesses that banks won’t even touch. We can provide equipment leasing for items which have no resale value, making them worthless to banks. We call our unique approach Quirky Kit Finance.